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The way you self-motivate when nobody is watching is a good indicator of how you would operate if you were your own boss. Entrepreneurs are constantly facing the stress of being productive when no one is there to hold them accountable for their work.

Getting creative and thinking outside the box can be advantageous when solving ambiguous problems and navigating new situations. However, some of us prefer to have clear instructions and quick access to leaders we can consult for help.

The excitement and challenge of being an entrepreneur comes from learning how to navigate new situations all the time. Imagine learning something new about running a business every day.

Every entrepreneur has a different set of strengths and values. While some of the greatest visionaries dropped out of school to pursue their unique ventures, most of them were backed by founding teams with years of experience and technical skills.

The path to success for each entrepreneur looks very different, and the probability of following the planned route is slim-to-none. Being adaptable can make a huge difference in navigating the road ahead, especially since you never know where it might lead you.

Feedback can be difficult to receive, even for those with the thickest of skin. But, it’s how we apply that feedback and move forward with it that sets us apart from one another.

A common misconception about entrepreneurs is that they are all visionaries with industry disrupting ideas. In reality, ideas can be a dime a dozen if they aren’t executed properly. The way you execute is an important indicator of what type of entrepreneur you may be.

Don’t panic! Or do—but just know that you will need a calm team surrounding you to ground you during the inevitable ups and downs that you’ll face as an entrepreneur. Your founding team should fill the gaps in your own skill set.